Monday, October 25, 2010

Summer Slacking Blogger

Okay, so I have been a total slacker on the blogging. Well there has been alot going on this past summer. After we got back from Washington DC the boys rode in the MS 150 Bike ride again this year, they are such a strong support for me.
On the 3rd of July Geoff turned the big sixteen and on the 5th of July he set off on a 2 week church history tour with the Utah Valley Childrens Choir, he loved every minute of it and his testimony grew even more, he loves to perform and to sing. On July 24th Brigitte had planned a super great 16th birthday party for both Geoff and Sydnie, they played games watched a movie and ate food with lots of friends. On the 31st of July Chris turned 14.
Nothing much happened in August except for the starting of school.
On September 20 Brigitte and I rode our second womens only bike ride, we rode 30 miles again. This time Brigittes husband Tyler rode with us and dressed up as a girl and was quite the looker. I finished the ride 30 minutes faster than the one in May. I was so excited, but very tired at the end. Todd, Grandma Eppley and my boys drove in the car next to me and would take pictures along the way and encourage me to keep, but I can't wait to do it again in May of next year.
On October 16 Chris took his second flight lesson and threw up out the little window of the plane, but had a blast flying. Nathan on the same day went to ride a horse for his very first time and loved every minute of it and now want to start doing gymnastics on the back of a horse. Also on the 24th Nathan turned the BIG 10! And that is our summer in a nut shell, sorry no pictures with this post, maybe next time.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Eppley's go to Washington DC

We took the kids on a surprise vacation to Washington DC on June 2. We woke them up at 4:30am and told them to get dressed, wear good walking shoes and grab the already prepacked backpack and hurry because we need to get to Salt Lake. They were all in a daze and didn't know what was really going on until we got to the airport and we told them we were going on vacation, but were they didn't find out until we were on the plane to Arizona for our layover. Needless to say the were excited.

On the plane in Salt Lake waiting to take off.

at the Phoenix Airport waiting for our flight to Washington DC
one of the many bridges we either drove on or under
This is one of the original cars that Government employees would ride on under the city to get from the Capitol to other buildings. We got to ride on the newer ones with our friend Abby, who works for Senator Bennett.
the front of the Capitol.

looking at the Capital from the glass ceiling in the new visitors center.Standing in the middle of DC

paintings on the ceiling in the Capitol

inside the Capital looking up in the Rotundainside the Library of Congress, the mosaic tiles on the ceiling were amazingly beautiful
The Pentagon
We even went to Hawaii....who knew that you could go through a door and be in Hawaii?

The scenic over look, across the Potomac River.And were walking and walking and walking...all day long.
This was called the Castle, we never did go inside, not quite sure why....

Air and Space Museum #1The boys standing out on the Manassas Battelfield fo the civil war.
This is going to be our New House, what do you think????

The White House, picture taken from the top of the Washington Monument.Korean War Memorial.
We found an Eppley on the WWII Memorial wall.
My hubby is a 4x4....short and chunky, but I love him.
this was our favorite and most entertaining art on the mall, don't look at my butt!

Arlington Cemetery, what an amazing place.Changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown. This is something that everyone should experience if they go to Washington DC.
one of the many beautiful flowers that we saw in Williamsburg.
The Blacksmith Shop, last year the made 35,000 nails last year to help restore coffee shop in town.
This lady is a basket weaver and she was funny to listen to. She cuts the trees and everything to get the wood ready for making baskets.
The boys were in BIG trouble.
this man told Nathan that the best place to learn how to play his drum was far away from the house until he got better, then he could play closer too the house the better he got.
Nathan playing his fife out on the streets of Williamsburg, Va.
Nathan is Famous in Virginia.
on our way back from Williamsburg we went to Richmond, Va. to find the race track.

Last Day in Washington DC

The Navy construction Battalion.
Standing by the Navy Memorial, we almost missed it, but we found it by accident so we had to go over there and see it because Grandpa Eppley was in the Navy.
Going to see Iwo Jima was really cool, they do a parade with soldiers at night, but we were 2 hours early and we didn't want to stay and wait.
Geoff showing us his mad jumping skills.
We went to 2 different Air and Space Museums, talk about Airplane over load. Christopher was having the time of his life looking at all the planes and there engines.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A cultural experience

Brigitte and Tyler are expanding on there cultural experiences
so they invited us to go see a Nascar Race in Las Vegas with them for the weekend.
We stayed in St. George Friday night and Saturday for some shopping and playing,
then on to Vegas Sunday for some racing action. I love the sound of the cars as they
all go around the track for the first few laps and the rumbling in my chest, such fun.
Tyler, Brigitte, Todd and Lisa at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

We had the best seats ever, we were in turn 3 and we could
see everything except going into turn one.
There was a wreck right in front of us, Brigitte didn't
get to see it as she was out getting food!
Jimmie Johnson coming up on Jeff Gordon to take the lead,
Gordon led 200+ laps before Jimmie took it away from him
and won the race.